Queen’s birthday dishonour

Monday 16 June 2008

More bitter disappointment for the West End Whingers this week.

It’s bad enough that the Queen’s birthday honours overlooked – yet again – the Whingers’ tireless and selfless services to theatre. How long do we have to keep doing this, for goodness’ sake, before we get what’s coming to us? It’s getting to the point where we may well have to settle for a couple of CBEs (even Des O’Connor has a CBE for heaven’s sake and he’s much younger than Phil).

But worse still, no new theatrical Dames of the British Empire.

It’s all very well giving OBEs to Chiwetel Ejiofor, Janet McTeer and playwright Roy Williams and a CBE to Tanika Gupta (although admittedly we haven’t actually heard of the last two; whither Dr Eldridge?) but where are the dames? We want dames. Bring on the dames.

So here are the people who – if you can imagine it – are entitled to feel even more disgruntled than the Whingers do:

Andrew is also going to propose Bonnie Langford, should he ever get the chance to address HM on the matter. Phil will be happy with anyone from Coronation Street.


For you anagram fans out there, Chiwetel Ejoifor is an anagram of

  • Chewier jet folio
  • Rejoice, owl thief!
  • Hot jewel orifice
  • Ooh! We jilt fierce!
  • Hi/lo wife ejector

3 Responses to “Queen’s birthday dishonour”

  1. TimW Says:

    I noticed that you missed Claire Higgins from your list, as did the honours people.

  2. robin Says:

    janet mcteer is more than worthy of her award, have to agree tho about margaret tyzack, penelope wilton , and, as the the above poster suggests, claire higgins.
    but maybe they have been offered honours and declined them.

  3. howiecopywriter Says:

    Good to remember how evil the British empire is, see what they have done in Africa, still at realcrash.com/satanic-queen-and-philip-await-you-there/
    and some rock songs about the Empire too, for you theatrical types.

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