What’s on in St Petersburg?

Monday 16 June 2008

Andrew popped over to St Petersburg last weekend to check out what was on. Not to actually see anything, obviously – just to look at the posters.

This one caught his attention. It seems to have 10 production photographs in it which is quite an achievement in a poster. It’s probably a farce judging by the buttocks. And it would seem to feature the cast taking their curtain call. All most curious.

Perhaps some day all theatre posters will look like this:

No. 13

At a guess, this was Vladimir Mashkov’s staging of Ray Cooney’s popular comedy No. 13 starring Avangard Leontyev and Yevgeny Mironov at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.

But what a lot of words! Translation please, Mr Morrison.

5 Responses to “What’s on in St Petersburg?”

  1. I got ‘spectacular’, ‘comedy’, ‘English dramatist’ and ‘Lawrence Olivier’ (I think) all in there somewhere but Russian cyrillic has more characters than Serbian cyrillic, so someone else will need to step in.

  2. Oban Says:

    The poster says:

    June 6, 7, 21 The Estrada Theatre

    First performances!!!

    100% Hit of the theatre season

    by Ray Cooney

    Once again on St Petersburg’s stages!

    Based upon (sic!) a play of known English playwright Ray Cooney (Run For Your Wife, Caught in the Net, Funny Money)

    Translated and adapted by Mikhail Mishin

    Featuring stars of the Aleksandrinsky Theatre

    The Lawrence Olivier Award for the Best World Comedy (WTF, I don’t know. – Oban :))

    The show is revived at request of spectators

    Below are names of the show’s creative team.

    It’s nothing to do with Mashkov’s staging. This version directed by some Vladimir Golub.

  3. Fantastic, thanks for illuminating us. So it wasn’t Vladimir Mashkov’s staging at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater starring Avangard Leontyev and Yevgeny Mironov. This must be another production. Is Ray Cooney big in post-Soviet Russia does anyone know?

  4. Oban Says:

    Yes, he is 🙂 Mostly because of brilliant adaptations by well-known comedy writer Mikhail Mishin (He translated Friends TV Series and adapted We Will Rock You:))

  5. This poster says the play won an Olivier Award so it may be a translation of Out Of Order (1991) which won Best Comedy. Can’t add very much else.

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