Blowings off: twittering away in Edinburgh

Monday 4 August 2008

Well, of course, as usual, the West End Whingers were way ahead of the rest of the pack on this having followed the second act of Gone With The Wind via Twitter from the comfort of a nearby hostelry rather than actually from the auditorium.

But, even so, we are thrilled to see that Lyn Gardner has picked up the Web 2.0 micro-blogging baton and is twittering her way through the Edinburgh Fringe so that we don’t actually have to go. Very thoughtful. But unnecessary as we weren’t going to go anyway.

Sadly she doesn’t seem to be doing it quite right – no blow-by-blow commentary from the actual performances, but it’s early days.

Anyway, we mustn’t be too harsh. Good to know that the critics are embracing the beastly internet thing.

You can follow Lyn on Twitter here.

2 Responses to “Blowings off: twittering away in Edinburgh”

  1. Mark I Says:


    Yur doing it rong.

  2. Our events listing and reviews company, Spoonfed, has a twitter account but we’re still getting used to the web 2.0-ness of it all. Interesting to hear what people want out of a twitter feed. You think it’s best to give a sort of blow-by-blow of events rather than general overall impressions? I’d be interested to hear!

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