Reserved seating at the Menier – another victory for the Whingers!

Thursday 25 September 2008

The Whingers are just giddy with excitement. Giddy, we say.

This just out from a source close to the Menier Chocolate Factory:

For the first time at the Chocolate Factory all seating for A Little Night Music will be numbered – audience members will be allocated the best available seat when they book.

Understandably the Menier is a little concerned that this radical approach to theatre seating might raise all manner of problems:

There are NO exchanges and NO refunds on any ticket purchases for this production. Please check all booking details carefully before making a purchase.

Is that clear? Are you sure you want to book? Really?

Anyway, as you can imagine the Whingers are cock-a-hoop. First the Old Vic responds to the Whingers campaign to oil its seats by simply ripping them out and now the Menier caves in over its ridiculous policy of unallocated seating (posts passim ad nausaum).

There is an air of jubilation in the Whingers’ twin headquarters – it feels like all their birthdays have come at once (which, when you consider just how many birthdays Phil has had, is actually quite frightening).

So anyway, congratulations to the Menier for its bold innovation and we look forward to being invited to the seat-numbering ceremony; hell, we would be happy to be made to write the numbers on the seats for them (as previously offered).

Anyway, all we need to do now is to sort out the Tricycle and we can return to our own planets.


A Little Night Music runs 22 November – 8 March. It will be helmed by Gone With The Wind director Trevor Nunn but we’re going anyway just to enjoy the allocated seating. Booking opens Friday 26 September.

9 Responses to “Reserved seating at the Menier – another victory for the Whingers!”

  1. James Says:

    It would be even better if they had a seating plan on their website which allowed you to choose your seat (like the National, ROH, most regional theatres, but not the dynamic, modern west end), rather than take pot luck.
    I spoke to the box office and they said that they now have a central aisle, with two other aisles, with 4/5 seats to the walls of the theatre, rather than the single, off centre aisle they had.
    I was told seats 13/14 are pretty central.

  2. Zau Says:

    I actually prefer unreserved seating because the practice rewards losers like me who have nothing to do with their lives except arrive to the theatre early in hopes of getting the first row. Sad.

  3. atagirl Says:

    I agree with Zau. Those people who really want to see the show will turn up early and get the best seats. Those who have been given corporate tickets/gone along to be seen will have to sit in the bad seats. That’s the way it should be.
    So there.

  4. jamesgrady Says:

    So as well a travelling 100 miles, paying for an hotel, we’ve got to fight to get into the theatre as well..we don’t all live in London you know!

  5. @ atagirl. I honestly don’t think anyone goes to the Menier “to be seen” but it’s a nice idea.

  6. Phil (a west end whinger) Says:

    I was beside myself with excitement, so giddy I had to sit down -in a reserved seat of course.

  7. atagirl Says:

    Ooh, Andrew, I’ve seen a few Wendy types coming in at the very last minute at the Menier. No names mentioned.

  8. J.A. Says:

    Leave that poor Wendy Richards alone. She’s not well!

  9. Congratulations, Whingers! Unreserved seating made me feel like I was flying Southwest Airlines here in the states. Bad form with everyone jostling with sexy self regard.

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