It’s an Easter miracle!

Monday 13 April 2009

The Whingers are normally of a secular and rational nature. Well, secular anyway. Spiritual things tend to pass them by.

But their scepticism took a nasty jolt this morning due to what can only be described as a minor miracle which occurred when Phil was preparing his breakfast.

Eschewing his usual pop-tarts he opted to toast some healthy organic wholemeal bread. Imagine his consternation when this dsc021643popped out of his toaster:

Not merely the Virgin Mary nor even Jesus (which would have been quite festive) but one half of the West End Whingers logo burnt quite clearly onto his intended brekkers.

Andrew is claiming that it’s his half of the logo that has been represented and Phil of course claims that it is his.

Unable to settle the argument and therefore agree to whom the proceeds from its sale on ebay would go the Whingers have agreed to do the charitable thing: it will be donated as a raffle prize for the forthcoming Third Annual West End Whingers Party on Saturday.


If you haven’t received your invitation to the Third Annual West End Whingers Party yet, don’t worry –  it’s probably simply because we didn’t invite you. If you think this is an oversight – and not a deliberate slight – please do contact us.

5 Responses to “It’s an Easter miracle!”

  1. Sir Andrew Lloyds Credit Crunch Says:

    That’s astonishing. Is it too late to enter it for Britain’s Got Talent?

  2. Helen Smith Says:

    Marvellous. But perhaps you are both wrong. Doesn’t it look a bit like Nicholas Hytner?

  3. Hannah Says:

    Have the whingers considered a trip to see Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf at the Trafalgar Studios? I personally quite enjoyed it, and what with the script being one long whinge, maybe you will too? I cant compare it to any other productions having not seen the revival a couple of years back.

    There is also plenty to actually whinge about as the bar is ludicrously expensive and the show comes in at over 3 hours with two intervals. Brilliant.

  4. DeccaQ Says:

    Does this count as me having seen the toast – or did I have to be in your kitchen?

  5. […] adds his two penn’orth to a debate about whether God has a place in theatre, prompted by the West End Whingers’ breakfast. I kid you not. Dominic Cavendish started the debate by asking where if God is anywhere to be found […]

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