Gentlemen choose your parsnips: it’s the Lambeth Country Show

Monday 6 July 2009

Exciting news (is there any other kind?) from the Lambeth Country Show.

Regular readers may recall that this is the time of year when the Whingers’ theatregoing falls off as their attentions turn to the forthcoming Flower Show at the highlight of the Lambeth year.

Last year, of course, they triumphed with their Amy Greenhouse creation but rather than risk a humiliating defeat at the hands of someone with talent the Whingers are considering retiring undefeated from the vegetable sculpture class.

But what’s this we spy? In this year’s show (18th and 19th July by the way) Class 64 in the Floral Art Classes invites entries with the theme “Theatreland – a West End Musical”.  Hmmm. We’re currently working up a rather lame idea of some Gipsy/ Gypsophila pun but it’s early days and to be honest it’s not really working.

We hope that you will all enter one or both classes (you do not need to be a Lambeth resident). The Whingers will, of course, be providing full coverage on this blog and via Twitter (@WestEndWhingers) in the unlikely event that any of you have anything better to do with yourselves that weekend.

Entry details

To get your entry form contact the organisers on 020 7926 6207  or email Hurry because your entry form must arrive no later than first post on Thursday 16th July otherwise you will be punished with a hefty 50p per entry fine (late entries are only accepted at the discretion of the Flower Show Manager).

Update: Click here to download the booklet and entry form


One Response to “Gentlemen choose your parsnips: it’s the Lambeth Country Show”

  1. J.A. Says:

    I(nterflora) won’t send roses?
    Anything sows?
    A bush(el and a peck)?
    I grow them so well?

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