Theatremonkey: A Guide to London’s West End

Friday 20 November 2009

Strangely no publisher has ever approached the Whingers with a lucrative book deal but we do not bear a grudge even when mysterious primates achieve literary success.

For at least an hour around noon on 13th November Theatremonkey: A Guide to London’s West End was apparently the 494th best selling book at Not only that, but it was also the NUMBER 1 best selling book in the “Cities and Towns,” “Stagecraft” and “Travel & Holiday / London, Greater London” categories.

Like Theatre Monkey’s website the book contains essential detail on the shortcomings of all the West End theatres, in particular the seats to avoid. This auditorium of shame is prefaced with a highly detailed set of chapters seemingly aimed primarily at first time visitors from Mars explaining what a theatre is, how to choose a show and how to go on the cheap.

Even the world-weary Whingers were able to acquire a new tip on saving money: apparently if you are in a wheelchair your carer gets to go free of charge. Andrew can’t sleep at night now, his mind awhirl with plans for how this might be brought to pass.

Anyway, obviously the first thing we did was to look up West End Whingers in the index but sadly there is no index so we had to laboriously read all the way up to page 3 where under the heading “Which to choose?” we found the following:

The acclaimed blog records the cynical yet truthful opinions of two ordinary theatregoing folk.

Ordinary indeed.

Anyway, it’s available on Amazon for £6.99. It’s not quite as much of a bargain as Telegraph theatre critic Charles Spencer’s Under The Influence which Andrew recently purchased on Amazon for 1p (you can too) but if you’re the kind of person that buys Christmas presents, it’s apparently ideal for someone who likes Michael Ball or – unlikely though this may be – saw and enjoyed Last Chance Harvey.

3 Responses to “Theatremonkey: A Guide to London’s West End”

  1. Jakeyo Says:

    “Two Ordinary Theatregoing Folk”

    Ouch. I would like to make it clear that Phil and Andrew are anything but ordinary. The wisest of men, and then I’m pretty sure that they could give a few tips on how to sneak wine into an auditorium… *ahem*

    Nice that you got a mention though. You two are most certainly rolling in this fame of yours. Autographs at the ready please.

  2. Steve Rich Says:

    “The everyday folk” comment was a little tribute to BBC Radio Show “The Archers” – an “everyday story of country folk,” who make the ordinary extraordinary.

    I thought it was appropriate for the Whingers as they are indeed ordinary theatregoers with an extraordinary and brillant way of looking at the theatre world.

    Anyway, thanks to the Whingers for suggesting we advertise in the Martian Theatregoing market – the publisher hadn’t thought of that and will be sending stock to very soon.

    Glad they liked the book, and I’m sure a Whingers tome will happen sometime.

  3. “…cynical yet truthful opinions of two ordinary theatregoing folk.”

    Since when have the two of you extraordinary theatregoing folk been cynical. Have I missed a recent development?

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