In which the Whingers spend some not-so-happy hours in the Royal Court Bar

Sunday 29 November 2009

It’s a scandal we tell you! An outrage!

No secret is made of the fact that a hefty part of a Whinger’s theatrical outing involves civilized time spent in the bar before and after the performance. And during the interval if there is one. And during the show if drinks are permitted in the auditorium.

But there seemed a particular perversity in the Royal Court Theatre sending Phil a flyer for a play called The Priory offering Happy Hour at the Royal Court Bar”.

Of course The Priory isn’t about anything to do with that Priory, rehab home to Susan Boyle and the stars, but Phil didn’t know that at the time and as ever, with an eye for a bargain, he filed it away in his cabinet in his “Very Important Flyers” folder (cross-referenced under “Cheaper ways to drink” and eagerly awaited his next trip to The Court.

So, after the show he ordered a bottle of wine and happily wafted his flyer under the barman’s nose thrilled with the prospect of saving the stated 20% off ALL drinks 9-11pm. The barman looked blank. He knew nothing about it and refused to accept it. A higher-up person was called, who said they weren’t accepting them during previews.

“Watch The Priory and enjoy happy hour prices in the bar after the show” it said. Phil read it again and again and forced Andrew to put down his glass put on his glasses and read it too. Phil thought it more misleading than a Shawshank superlative.

The Whingers are off to the Royal Court again this week. Will the Whingers experience a happy hour after taking in Cock? Or will they be forced to call in Weights and Measures or whatever they are called these days?

Watch this space.

5 Responses to “In which the Whingers spend some not-so-happy hours in the Royal Court Bar”

  1. Nina Says:

    Oh dear .. scandalous indeed. A stain indeed on the reputation of the Royal Court and one that I hope isn’t left after you have taken in Cock.

  2. Exit, Pursued by a Bear Says:

    Legally, the Royal Court dont have a single leg to stand on here. Unless it is specified on the flyer that this offer does not apply to preview performances, which it obviously doesn’t, then they could find themselves in very sticky water with the local Trading Standards department. Suggest you kick up a stink with the local council and the Licencing Authority.

  3. Paulinlondon Says:

    Yes I think a complaint to Kensington and Chelsea might be in order… Seriously though… That space should work so much better given it is a bit of a food wasteland around the square but with inedible food and outrageous non-happy hours you would be better off wandering up Kings Road…

    • webcowgirl Says:

      I finally found a good place to eat nearby! I wouldn’t normally bother commenting but I thought PaulInLondon needed to know: La Bottega is perfect, provided you’re going on a weeknight. (It even inspired me to add it to my list of cheap pre-show dinners.) Since Andrew dubbed Royal Court the “new Donmar” – and I think he’s right – it was about time I found a good place to nosh in the hood.

  4. nina Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I committed the fundamental error of trying to eat in the Cafe/Bar tonight before the show. Four out of seven main dishes were off and one of the remaining ones was made with different ingredients. Am off to La Bottega next time!

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