Baz Bamigboye’s Big Blonde Bet

Sunday 17 January 2010

If you don’t read veteran showbiz scribe Baz Bamigboye’s “It’s Friday” column on, er, Fridays in the Daily Mail you won’t have seen a piece mentioning a £100 bet with the West End Whingers.

And for those of you who did see it, the Whingers wish to set the record straight.

Mister Bamigboye is privately quite a fan of the Whingers despite feigning ignorance on occasion by addressing them as Wicked Whispers. But in public he has become something of a stalker. He last confronted and exposed the Whingers rather loudly in the stalls of the Old Vic at last Monday’s preview of Six Degrees of Separation (which we MUST get around to writing about before we forget what it was like – oops too late). He has even been known to follow them around the world, once even tracking them down to an exclusive showbiz watering hole in New York insisting on being photographed with them. (See above)

Now Mister Bamigboye has been quite vociferous in his dislike of the newly opened Legally Blonde, erroneously dismissing this delightful and hilarious crowd-pleaser as “toxic blancmange”, though even he begrudgingly and quite sensibly admitted to liking Sheridan Smith and Peter Davison in the show.

But Friday’s piece stated “I have a £100 bet with the West End Whingers website that Legally Blonde won’t be here in a year. My fear is that they might win.”

And so you should Baz. So you should.

Baz’s actual words to the Whingers, and for the record, on Thursday 14th January 2010 were “I’ll give you £100 if Legally Blonde is still running this time next year”. The Whingers really have nothing to lose. They made no promise of paying Baz anything if the show is not running on 14th January 2011 and are quite confident, judging by the audience responses they’ve witnessed and the largely very glowing reviews which came out this week they’ll be collecting their crisp notes from Baz early next year. In fact they’ve practically spent the drinking money in their heads already and may even treat Baz to his signature cranberry juice as part of their celebrations.

Legally Blonde Ad

It’s a shame when such a legendary scribbler gets something so horribly wrong, and we are of course normally not ones to crow, but come next January our crowing should be enough to send shivers up Tippi Hedren’s spine and we expect our pockets to be bulging even more than ever.

Five crisp £20 notes from the Bank of Bamigboye

Taking all this into account our new year resolution- apart from (1) to see fewer shows and (2) to attend more after-show parties –  is to make many more bets with Mister Bamigboye, redistribute his wealth a bit (You see! We’re not without a political edge!) and give up the day jobs.

10 Responses to “Baz Bamigboye’s Big Blonde Bet”

  1. webcowgirl Says:

    Wow, you resolved to see less shows, too? It’s almost depressing! I did book in 5 shows at the Royal Court but otherwise I’m trying to take it easy. How many did you see over the course of the year?

  2. Crandal Says:

    Listen Baz has his own agenda , Why else would he said that Nine was going to sweep the BAFTA nominations and the Oscar nods as well and , since Nine didn’t even make the shortlist for the BAFTAS I think its a safe bet to say he got that wrong too. Blonde will be here next year at this time and so will Baz and the whinger’s will be £100 richer so they can even buy a Blonde Souvenier Brochure with that money.

  3. Phil (a west end whinger) Says:

    Well webcowgirl we say less, but we’re currently booked in for 4 shows at the new London theatrical powerhouse that is the Royal Court.

    We have 2 shows in the next couple of days and a whole slew of others coming up.

    I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

  4. Phil/webcowgirl: actually we don’t say “less” we say “fewer” shows.

    @webcowgirl: We saw 100 shows last year.

    We probably will see fewer shows as we’ve seen most of the ones about to open already: Enron, Jeruslaem etc.

    • webcowgirl Says:

      So you’re not going to go back to see either of them? (I wasn’t planning on it, either.)

      I saw 116 but then since I counted ballet, classical music outings and puppet shows (I saw three in Sicily), I’m pretty sure you saw more plays than I did. (That said the puppet shows rocked and really went nice with a glass of red. (Example here: . Tell me it didn’t make you laugh at 1:33. You’d never see that kind of stuff with human actors.)

  5. Ian Shuttleworth Says:

    Ha! 310 shows seen in 2009.

  6. Baz Bamigboye Says:

    Jeezus, you Whingers are still on about that toxic pink nonsense.Look,I’m happy you love it but ,and I’m very sorry about this,it’s just not for me.Onwards and upwards.I’ve put the 100 quid in an envelope with your names on it.You can have it if the show’s still running next January.I might even run to wearing a pink shirt and tie on Jan/07/2011.Carry on Whinging.

  7. Baz Bamigboye Says:

    Actually, instead of drinking the money away you Whinger dudes should consider giving the 100 smackers to charity.And I don’t mean your own!

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