Review – The Whisky Taster, Bush Theatre

Saturday 13 February 2010

James Graham’s play at the Bush about a former History Boy with synæsthesia is very much orange – an orange somewhere between Jacobs cream crackers and Flymo. Or perhaps slightly more like a satsuma left over from Christmas 1967 in the first week of February but with the distinct taste of a recently brushed brick. There is the unmistakable aroma of a recently unfolded pacamac.

Graham’s dialogue resembles the leaf of an Antirrhinum but with less of the smell of EPNS cutlery. Kate O’Flynn is like Nesquik. There’s an amusing turn from Simon Merrells (who is in The Wolfman – how periwinkle is that?) which just IS a bottle of Liebfraumilch rolling along a caravan table on the Gower peninsula at Whitsun.

At two and a half hours it begins to feel like the sound of a Bel Cream Maker when brushed up against the tag of a Ladybird t-shirt from Woollies (the Telford branch). But nowithstanding, it’s got that distinctive salty sound one associates with an episode of  Oh, Brother! starring Derek Nimmo.

To summarise: it’s exactly like the feel of a Dinnefords bottle through a Findus crispy pancake.


4 Responses to “Review – The Whisky Taster, Bush Theatre”

  1. Bob Says:

    Wow. I do not understand one word of this review. But I get the glass half full picture.

  2. John Says:

    You’re aping the writing style of the play, I presume?

  3. Baldassaro Says:

    I think the clue is “synaesthesia”…

  4. Gillie Says:

    Got to admit you had me wondering what on earth you were going on about. That is, of course, until I saw the play last night! I even got chatting to the couple sitting next to us about “that odd Whingers’ review” Nice one boys. Why no mention of Chris Larkin? Maggie Smith’s older boy my dears, but I suppose he only had to stare aghast all evening so maybe you were right x

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