Megan Mullally’s First Night Party

Friday 19 February 2010

Biggins was there at The Trafalgar Hotel of course, what kind of a party would it be without him?

This was the after-show party for Megan Mullally & Supreme Music Project where security was lax enough for the Whingers to crawl in and where several thousand pounds had been placed behind the bar.

Miss Mullally of course insisted on being photographed with the Whingers and we took the opportunity to bore her rigid about having seen Young Frankenstein twice. Knowing that she is keen not to talk about Karen, Phil thoughtfully opened with “I know I mustn’t mention Karen but..”  to lead into a moan about Will & Grace being on in the morning making it difficult to leave the house. Megan said,”I’ll see what I can do”.

Thw Whingers met several producers and were alarmed at how young they seemed. It’s a long time since they passed the “Aren’t policeman looking young these days?” stage, but producers? Heck, everyone at the party seemed impossibly young, further compounded by running into dancer/choreographer Drew McOnie and musical theatre performer Gido Schimanski, the latter last seen by the Whingers in the excellent Company and Call Me Madam who they first collared at the Hello Dolly! bash.

Phil confessed he hadn’t kept up with Drew’s appearances on So You Think You Can Dance, but taped it once just to keep up. Yes taped. When did you last hear that expression? On Betamax yet! Drew chatted about his upcoming show Shoes, which strangely is about, well, shoes, at Sadler’s Wells, apparently a 10 week rehearsal period for a week’s run. That’s about how long Andrew takes to break in new slingbacks.

Once the Whingers had exhausted the bar tab and there were no more free drink to be had, Andrew meandered off to catch his bus grumpily complaining, “They’re all so young!”. Phil badgered the poor Mullally woman again and found common ground criticising the woman who had been texting during the show. Megan sympathised and said it’s even worse in America and that she find the light from mobiles’ screens very irritating in cinemas and, like Phil, jabs people on the shoulder and tells them to turn it off.

Sadly Phil had neglected to bring his Reporters Pad (sic) that he had purchased in an uncharacteristic fit of diligence prior to the awards so further nuggets of this fascinating conversation are lost to future historians but Phil does remember that they also talked about Karen: The Musical which will apparently start in LA before moving to New York and thence to London but for limited runs in each as they obviously can’t have understudies. The Whingers can’t wait for Karen: The Musical, not least because it will feature the very fabulous Beverly Leslie, played by Leslie Jordan.

One Response to “Megan Mullally’s First Night Party”

  1. John Says:

    She looks very Tina Fey-meets-Anne-Robinson-doing-her-wink in that shot.

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