Zero Stars Hall Of Fame: update

Tuesday 8 June 2010

This just in: “It is quite impossible to imagine what detail in this witless, pointless show might have struck anyone as even the germ of a good idea”. We are sure you don’t need to be told what show Georgina Brown was referring to in her Mail On Sunday review. We feel privileged to admit it to the West End Whingers’ illustrious Zero Stars Hall of Fame.

And in case you missed it, playwright David Hare was admitted to the Zero Stars Hall of Fame earlier this year thanks to a review from the Daily Telegraph’s Charles Spencer. Mr Hare was probably unavailable for comment.

3 Responses to “Zero Stars Hall Of Fame: update”

  1. Nicky Says:

    Well just anything in The Mail On Sunday is going to a) make you want to vomit, b) you agree with, c) you will have your on point of view on, d) where are we going on our holiday this Summer!

  2. J.A. Says:

    And a no stars from Quentin Letts for Fantasticks too!

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