All together now: the dawg was lost in the fawg

Friday 11 June 2010

Some “British dialect” training which should be mandatory for all American actors.

17 Responses to “All together now: the dawg was lost in the fawg”

  1. qualitywaffle Says:

    I don’t think British people pronounce “coffee” like that…..I don’t think anyone pronounces “coffee” like that!

  2. Soobert Says:


  3. John a Says:

    She seems to want to roam the whole of England and its accents in one single sentence.

  4. J.A. Says:

    I’m guessing she also advised Meera Syal on her accent for Shirley Valentine!

  5. Anna Says:

    Thanks for cheering up my afternoon. She’s obviously never been here.

  6. That is hilarious! Any minute I was expecting her to say “terribly flat, Norfolk”.

  7. Gari Says:

    Does she do requests?

    I’d love to her her having a sing-a-long to Lets All Go Down The Strand, especially if she could do it in what she considers ‘British dress’.

  8. Ems Says:

    Come on, that’s unfair- she’s at the top of her field actually. Taught Dick Van Dyke for Mary Poppins and everything……

  9. Oh my. I imagine the dawg in the fawg bit is exactly how the Queen would say it if the corgis were caught out in adverse weather conditions… So, you know, quite accurate.

  10. David Baxter Says:

    Don’t you think it would have been fair to give some credit to the Graham Norton Show where this was seen several weeks ago?

  11. Rev Stan Says:

    Not just for American actors. I’ve been pronouncing English incorrectly all these years it seems.

  12. Philk Says:

    This would explain so many American actors dreadful attempts at an English Accent…..

  13. webcowgirl Says:

    How come she only uses her “accent” on half of the words in her sentences? And am I totally confused or is she using a minimum of two different accents in each sentence, sometimes five (including American)?

  14. shewithheofxanadu Says:

    What the fark!

  15. Roberta MacRae Says:

    Well it’s definitely not a British accent as that doesn’t exist. I guess all you people are talking about an English accent that she is trying to mimic. And very strange it is too, though there are many strange English accents so who knows whether it is good enough or not ? As for dialect, that seems to be presupposing that American English is the main language of which the English accent is a dialect. Even stranger. Even the Scots would not try that one.

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