Review – House of Games, Almeida Theatre (Andrew’s review)

Thursday 23 September 2010

I really can’t bring myself to write very much about this dull, pointless adaptation of David Mamet‘s 1987 film about con artists.

Mr Bean (Mr Richard Bean)’s script comes across like a play based on a film.

Like a play that would probably make a much better film.

The dialogue has no nuance or variety to it and the action unfolds so ploddingly that what surprises in the film (I imagine; I haven’t seen it) seems merely inevitable on the stage.

I can’t recall ever before sensing that the entire audience was always one step ahead of the playwright. Not even in Deathtrap.

I’m grumpy because I want the thriller to make a comeback and this isn’t helping.

Indeed I’m so incensed that I’m writing one sentence per paragraph like the Daily Mail online sub-editors make Quentin Letts do.

Nice set though.

Phil quite liked it.

Andrew’s Rating

Two out of Five: slightly corked or vinegary

3 Responses to “Review – House of Games, Almeida Theatre (Andrew’s review)”

  1. Honeypot Says:

    Are the Whingers generally pro or anti-Bean?

  2. Chris Voisey Says:

    Do you think this is the Almeida’s attempt to jump on the relentless films-into-stage shows bandwagon?

    I think we can all think of any number of plays that could do with an airing rather than this

  3. Gareth James Says:

    That’s fair game – two reviews of the same show – just like Michael Coveney (Inde & WOS) and Sam Marlowe (Times & Time Out)!

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