Review – The Big Fellah, Lyric, Hammersmith

Sunday 26 September 2010

[SPOILERS ALL THE WAY]Did you hear the one about the IRA man who got killed up al-Qa’ida in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre?

That’s the gist of Richard Bean‘s play about covering 30 years of a group of IRA operatives in New York but, to be honest, we’re not sure quite what he was getting at.

We’ve nothing against Mr Bean. It’s just that we evidently don’t share his sense of humour. We didn’t find England People Very Nice funny and we didn’t find this funny. We didn’t find it offensive or crass or anything like that. We simply didn’t laugh out loud (apart from the line about a band which sounded like “an abattoir with the doors open”) Apparently he wrote additional material for London Assurance which we DID find funny but we don’t know which of the jokes were his.

Humour is a funny thing, isn’t it? What’s sauce for the goose is another man’s poison and most of the audience was roaring with laughter at The Big Fellah so what do we know? There’s enough story to keep it interesting and the door to the bedroom bafflingly has a glass panel in its upper half which proved distracting as we couldn’t think of a single reason for such a thing existing. And disappointingly the characters only aged in appearance by about 10 years rather than the actual 30. Still, that’s not the point really is it.

And, you know, well, yes, it was terrible that the girlfriend got killed by the IRA but it seemed like we’d only met her about five minutes before so…

Well, anyway, Gareth got it and thought it was great.


6 Responses to “Review – The Big Fellah, Lyric, Hammersmith”

  1. Glen Says:

    Think this is one of those Marmite shows that splits the audience down the middle. I’m with you in finding it dissapointing and at times underworked but know others agree with Gareth!

  2. I’m with Gareth!! Would it be shameless of me to suggest this link?

  3. garethjames Says:

    Oh dear, the Whingers against me and Coveney with me. Terminal depression. This is about the fifth time this month we’ve diverged significantly (+ Deathtrap, House of Games, Shoes and Design for Living). Next thing you’ll be telling me you actually like The Drousy Chaperone (worst musical of the century so far!). Perhaps we should experiment with reverse recommendatons, in which case I think you should go to The Aliens and give Love on the Dole a miss!

  4. ja Says:

    Isn’t it time the marmite cliche was put to bed?

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