Review – Caroline O’Connor – The Showgirl Within, Garrick Theatre

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Due to the high pressure demands of a punishing business schedule (he has to go to the Post Office to purchase a Postal Order) we regret that there is only time to transcribe verbatim from Andrew’s notebook on this occasion.

6 piece band + MD!! “I Move On” “And THe Beat Goes ON” Oldham OLD-HAM! Film clips. funny. How lond did those take? Cost? Belter. “Movies Were Movies” GSOH. 4 Dancers – redundant? Bit cheesy? Nice intro. “How Lucky Can You Get” one of my faves. Interval. People in back stalls couldn’t see ANY of film clips!!! Prob best “Zing Went…” on Ldn stage since Rufus Wainwright? “Nature Boy”! Fave. “Roxanne” ugh. Buy toilet paper. Gets a bit out of breath. MD Daniel Edmonds brilliant. “It’s de-Lovely” MERMAN! “Anything Goes” TAP DANCING! “Milord” Piaf. Standing ovation! Are those real tears? “Broadway Baby” Seems like a nice woman. Hope she gets to do Gypsy! one day. 2hrs. Good show. Take that Wonder Woman. Garrick Arms closed for refurb!


Rating score 4-5 full-bodied

9 Responses to “Review – Caroline O’Connor – The Showgirl Within, Garrick Theatre”

  1. Mark Shenton Says:

    Now this is cheating!!!! Some of us have to think about our reviews. But I’m actually secretly jealous that (a) you can actually read your notes (I can never read mine); and (b) write so few.

  2. Mark Shenton Says:

    PS — it was actually a seven piece band, including the MD!!!

  3. JohnnyFox Says:

    Thanks for the notes, won’t bother taking any tonight.

    Not that I ever do, which is probably why Shenton has the real job and I don’t.

  4. Jan O Says:

    As I have suspected for some time, Andrew takes the notes but Phil transcribes them into the erudite prose I have come to expect from the Whingers. In Phil’s absence, we are left with something close to Sanscrit.

  5. Ian Shuttleworth Says:

    Sans crit?

  6. who ever wrote the first review obviously can’t do anything talented at all or has never ever had to perform on a West End London stage in a professional capacity! Oh it’s so easy to dump crap on an incredibly taleted performer is’nt it eh? Yep bet I guessed right! and I guessed it after the toilet roll commmet!

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