Easy come, easy go

Friday 7 January 2011

La Bet - Baz Bamigboye and the West End WhingersAccording to his column today Baz Bamigboye has “donated £100 to the Actors’ Charitable Trust, which runs the Denville Hall care home for elderly actors”.

That sounds very generous of him but let us be clear: the Whingers won this money fair and square.

In January 2010 Mr Bamigboye bet the Whingers that Legally Blonde would not be running a year hence. It is. Yet somehow he hoodwinked us into believing that the decent thing to do would be to give the money to charity.

In desperation, we did apply to the Charity Commission to get the West End Whingers registered as a charitable trust but they weren’t having any of it. So in the end we just opted to donate the money to Denville Hall.

According to Mr Bamigboye he didn’t want to give the Whingers the money because he “was afraid they might spend it on hard liquor”.

And his point is?

We shall be sure to let the Denville Hall know not to fritter it away on alcohol or anything else which might give pleasure to the senior actors and actresses residing there.

And actually, now that we look closer, that appears to be one of Phil’s hats that he’s eating.

Apologies to Murray Sanders for reproducing his photograph without permission. Hope you don’t mind Murray. It’s all for charity. Apparently.

3 Responses to “Easy come, easy go”

  1. Phil (a west end whinger) Says:

    The money the Whingers are donating to charity is now in the Whingers’ sweaty palms and will be passed on to Denville Hall shortly.
    Hopefully they’ll remember when they drag themselves away from the bar they are currently propping up..

  2. wickedgrin Says:

    Didn’t he bet you that Legally Blonde would NOT be running in a years time as he hated it?

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