Review – Government Inspector, Young Vic

Monday 11 July 2011

Yet more arts cuts!

As this man has pointed out, there is a new theatrical trend in town –  culling of definite article.

first victim was Seagull at Arcola) and now  Young Vic wades in with Government Inspector.

It’s a trend that rather suits us as it involves less typing and we hereby embrace it wholeheartedly.

It’s a bit late in day to pass emotions on Government Inspector as it finished on Saturday.

highly disorganised WTOPD (Whingers’ Theatre Outing Planning Department) had somehow overlooked appearance of Amanda Lawrence‘s name among cast, so, of course we had to be there, however late in day and how lovely it was to be able to go directly to our numbered seats without queueing.

We know! Having campaigned tiresomely for reserved seating at YV, this was actually Wingers’ first visit since its introduction. Yes, we know! We are a disgrace!

Anyway, Young Vic are bringing back wonderful Beauty Queen of Leenane  so perhaps this will get a second outing at some point too.

That possibility aside, this is an aide mémoire for ourselves really. Something for us to look back on in our dotage when we struggle to remember whether we were there. Which in Phil’s case should be about middle of next week.

But it’s all over now and it’s too late for us to recommend David Harrower‘s version of Nikolai Gogol‘s (T)GI. Too late for us to say that Kyle Soller who is mistaken for titular government inspector is now saddled with dreaded “West End Whingers favourite” prefix for foreseeable future.

Too late for us to say how much we enjoyed Doon Mackichan camping and vamping in outrageous lampshade frocks as mayor’s wife. Too late to say we also really liked Louise Brealey as her daughter. Too late to say Amanda Lawrence made a wonderful postmaster and displayed brilliant comedy timing with Soller when mirroring his movements and also doubled as a catatonic sergeant’s wife disposed to laying a cable on sofa.

Too late for us to warn you not to arrive at last minute or you won’t be guided across stage to your seat and witness a Russian woman carving faces on potatoes.

But never too late for forgiveness. Phil has completely excused Richard Jones for his Young Vic Annie Get Your Gun given his playfully nutty direction on display here  (and also because it turns out he helmed one of Phil’s top ten best-ever-theatrical-experiences, Too Clever By Half at Older Vic) . Andrew’s jury is still locked in debate, let’s just say he’s almost forgiven him.

Julian Barratt as mayor may lack stage experience but that lent his performance a certain freshness.  And in an unabashed display of illogical Whingerish favouritism he elicits extra brownie points just for being real-life partner of wonderful Julia Davis. ensemble were all terrific and there was plenty of surreal madness to keep Whingers chortling despite two and three-quarter hours running time.

We emerged pleasantly satisfied. But there you go, you missed it. Or not, as case may be.


6 Responses to “Review – Government Inspector, Young Vic”

  1. We saw this in Warwick before it hit the Young Vic. Enjoyed the performances but thought the production was ridiculously gimmicky! Did they get rid of the stupid sound effects at the Young Vic? And the rats?

  2. pb Says:

    Yeah, I thought it was pretty good too. Not quite as funny a I’d hoped, but then the surreal edge they put on it was pretty cool.
    Apparently in Russian it doesn’t have a definite article. But I read that in a comment on another review, so it may just be bollocks.

  3. JohnnyFox Says:

    Mousetrap! Rivals! Miserables! … it could work ?

  4. David Nice Says:

    Don’t forget Three Sisters – because of Russ def art abs. Really should have been The Three Sisters. Anyway, this was Jones genius as usual, I reckon, and what’s with Mr Sparkle hating the best soundtrack in theatre ever?

  5. Nina Says:

    Get your tickets for The Faith Machine at the Royal Court now. In the cast …….. Kyle Soller!

  6. It seems to me that the whole production must have had a massive spring clean between Warwick and The Cut, because other reviews I’ve read of its Warwick week were begrudging at best whereas nearly everyone who saw it in London loved it!

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