Review – Sneasons of Liz, New Town Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe

Saturday 13 August 2011


So in the alternative universe that is the Edinburgh Fringe, Phil, Andrew and Michael Coveney all share the same opinion: an admiration for Liz Merendino, the New York born chanteuse.

Although, of course, our opinions are merely trivial.

Ms Merendino’s Sneason’s of Liz is a song cycle (apparently, that’s what Mr Coveney said, anyway) in which she tells the somewhat autobiographical life story of a girl who from childhood is burdened with multiple allergies. Over-protected by her family she escapes to Venezuela, London and Japan in search of respite from her hay fever and perhaps love. Or both.

Merendino has a terrific voice and some very entertaining material (some courtesy of Fascinating Aida’s Adèle Anderson). There is also some truly thrilling piano accompaniment from jazz musician Warren Wills.

The only disappointment was that Phil, who is prone to loud, protracted, violent outbursts of sneezing when he goes to the theatre didn’t accompany her too on this occasion. The fringe is indeed a strange place.

An enchanting evening.


3 Responses to “Review – Sneasons of Liz, New Town Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe”

  1. fran Says:

    LIZ!!!! I’m back on facebook just to read your reviews…If your half as good as you were when we saw you in New York then WATCH OUT EDINBURGH!!!!! Break a leg and all the best…we’re ALL thinking of you and wishing we were there!!!!

  2. Andy B. Says:

    Liz, terrific to hear that you are doing so well. Well done! x

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