Review – Vertigo, Bedlam, Edinburgh Fringe

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Vertigo is a short two-hander with a very beguiling premise.

Two shows, both called Vertigo, have been accidentally booked into the same slot at the same theatre. In the spirit of artistic fellowship the two performers decide to share the stage and present both pieces.

But although this pair are quite likeable, it wasn’t clear to the Whingers what either show was about, and all expectations of a devilishly clever dove-tailing of stories were quickly dashed.

It begins promisingly enough then drifts into something that feels like a series of drama student audition pieces. All we really learn is that he can play the guitar and she the piano.

Frankly we wouldn’t have wanted to have seen either Vertigo so perhaps it was just as well that they did do both shows together instead of separately lest we should have inadvertently endured them consecutively.

See what happens when the Whingers go off-piste, Andrew seduced by an idea, Phil by a title referencing a condition he suffers?

Further goodwill points were deducted for over-running the very seductive advertised running time of 40 minutes, forcing the Whingers to sneak out before what may admittedly have been a coup de théâtre finale.


Oh well, it couldn’t last forever.

Two out of Five: slightly corked or vinegary

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