Review – Le Gateau Chocolat, Assembly George Square, Edinburgh Fringe

Wednesday 31 August 2011

Edinburgh may have finished but the Whingers haven’t.

The perfect recipe for Le Gateau Chocolat.

1 large Nigerian 29 year old male trained in law
Make up
Several frocks
Red glittery lipstick
Lashings of Lycra
A penchant for Barbra Streisand numbers
A soupçon of audience participation*

Mix the ingredients together gently and simmer charmingly with a seasoning of good-natured, unapologetic, cheeky humour for one hour. Experiment with various toppings, decorations and accessories and sieve through Lycra for the most spectacular results.

Serving suggestion:
Place in a circus like tent, adding music and a justifiably appreciative audience.

The finished product may be slightly improved by turning the result out in a sound-proofed container so that the quieter, more introspective numbers are not drowned by the general cacophony of Fringe revellers outside. Although this is unnecessary for a magnificently emotional rendition of “Ol’ Man River”.

*Sadly not the Whingers on this occasion although each was most keen to see the other humiliated in Lycra.


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