Review – Donna Disco, Wimbledon Studio theatre

Saturday 8 October 2011

So it turns out not to be true that what happens in Edinburgh stays in Edinburgh.

For if you did miss some of the 2,500 events at the fringe it turns out that most of them (or the ones with legs, anyway) will come to you or quite nearby.

And so it was with Donna Disco, the funny and sad story of a fat 14 year old Geordie girl which dropped into the New Wimbledon Studio Friday night to form part of the theatre’s ‘Postcards From The Fringe’ season.

Andrew ended up paying a visit and was rather impressed with Paula Penman who plays the titular Donna, a girl whose positive outlook and infectious enthusiasm seems to enable her to transcend the bullying, her inadequate mother and the loss of her father who worked in an Arctic Roll factory. Arctic Roll! Did you know that Bird’s Eye stopped making it in the late 90s but resurrected it three years ago  due to ‘overwhelming consumer demand’?

It had a very Whingers soundtrack featuring snatches from the likes of The Carpenters and Mama Cass. All over in an hour.

Some people in the audience were sobbing at the end.  Andrew wasn’t with them but it was genial enough.



One Response to “Review – Donna Disco, Wimbledon Studio theatre”

  1. Ali67 Says:

    Please review Rock of Ages and Sweeney Todd!

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