Review – Fascinating Aïda: Cheap Flights, Charing Cross Theatre

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Really very little we can to add to the unqualified rave we gave to the version of Fascinating Aïda‘s Cheap Flights which we caught in Edinburgh and is now boarding for a brief season at the Charing Cross Theatre.

We may not be able to add much but the satirical singing cabaret trio have. Current line-up Dillie Keane, Adèle Anderson and relative newbie Sarah-Louise Young have worked up an extended version of that show which now comes with extra tunes, an interval but no excess baggage.

And it’s one of those rare occasions where more really does mean more. All their best numbers are safely in place. The usual mix of celebrities, politicians, institutions and trends are held up to acerbic inspection before being skewered in a most deliciously satisfying fashion. Despite having performed some of their older numbers countless times one of the many pleasures is seeing their own reactions to some of the things that come out of their mouths as if saying them for the first time.

To suggest some highlights is not to imply there are any lowlights. But, as ever, we were particularly taken by “One True Religion”, “Leider”, “Down with the Kids”, “Tesco Saves”, “Bored”, their YouTube sensation (now with over 8 million hits) “Cheap Flights” and the Whingers feel no shame in revealing they are extremely partial to “Dogging”.

Then there’s their now classic Bulgarian song cycle which any description would only spoil, but is structured to allow hilarious updating and a sharply observed and also cleverly updated number explaining how to write a best-selling novel.

The only fly in the ointment is the appropriately aeroplane cabin shaped auditorium of the Charing Cross Theatre which dictates that not very many people get to sit near the front. Thankfully the sound is clear a bell and not a word is lost.

We have previously declared our bias, but judging by the reaction of the full house and those we met experiencing FA for the first time there is little need to take our word for it. If you’ve never seen them the real question can only be why?


Rating score 5-5 our cups overfloweth

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