Review – Steel Pier, Union Theatre

Friday 9 November 2012

SPOILERS. Imagine They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? crossed with The Sixth Sense performed by a cast large enough to re-make The Ten Commandments and you’re half way there really.

There’s some cute audience participation and some peppy choreography by Richard Jones who really does work the poor actors’ socks off (off whose socks he really does work the actors? No that doesn’t sound right either).

Anyway, the main draw is that Steel Pier features a score by Kander & Ebb but it’s not Chicago and boasts only one stand-out number: “Everybody’s Girl” about being a bit of bike, here given with gusto by Aimie Atkinson.

Andrew was most impressed by the clever design by David Shields which provides the glamour and atmosphere Victor/Victoria needed through the simple addition of countless metres of silvery material and a string of outdoor lanterns.

But although it’s pretty zippy Andrew left feeling somewhat confused by the whole experience. If – as it seems to have turned out – the man was a ghost, who was she really dancing with? Could the others see him? And why did the rest of the dancers come on with broken necks? Were they dead too? It was all most confusing. You’ll probably do much better.





One Response to “Review – Steel Pier, Union Theatre”

  1. Sal Says:

    What, no tags for this article? And such prolonged silence! Were you boys summoned away to serve as ward sisters at the operating Theatre where Shenton gets a new hip? Or has the merlot finally and definitively outweighed the Marlowe? In any case you are missed, as no amateur writes more wittily or personably than you about theatre and professional critics cannot because they must be way of philistine editors and hack colleagues – like that dim dunce at The Telegraph who reviewed Don Giovanni by comparing the character to Jimmy Savile – a new height in stupidity for the UK press!

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