Review – Mr Footes’s Other Leg – Theatre Royal Haymarket

Tuesday 10 November 2015

5467-1446458639-mrfooteslegsqGroundhog Day for Phil and Andrew.

Back to reality after travelling in Indochina with the humdrum repetition of daily routines. So what could be more appropriate to add to our Groundhoggishness than revisiting a show that we’d already been thoroughly entertained by at Hampstead?

The Georgian extravaganza that is Mr Footes’s Other Legabout an 18th century celebrity polymath Samuel Foote penned by a 21st century polymath Ian Kelly, and starring an on top form Simon Russell Beale, who tends towards polymathic tendencies himself – has made a swift transfer to the Haymarket, a move Phil predicted/hoped would happen. Was he the first to suggest the theatre it now occupies for its 12 week run? He believes he is.

It is now slightly and subtly trimmed in length, but the events from the raucously ribald opening scene, “There’s a shelf full of cocks over there” to actress-of-the day Peg Woffington’s (Dervla Kirwan) touching (in the poignant sense) bed scene are as enjoyable as they ever were.

Beale, Kirwan and Joseph Millson (as David Garrick) have huge chemisty together and really appear to be enjoying themselves as much as the audience. Interest is also piqued by the news that someone passed out watching Foote’s on stage amputation scene at one of the previews.

We’ve already talked at some length about it here and it now sits in its new home most splendidly. Foote was responsible for landing the Haymarket its Royal Patent, so there is the added frisson of knowing that the events you witness happened in and around the site of the theatre you now occupy.

Perhaps Mrs Henderson Presents should be transferred to The Windmill?



6 Responses to “Review – Mr Footes’s Other Leg – Theatre Royal Haymarket”

  1. Sal Says:

    “Indochina with the humdrum repetition of daily routines?”

    As opposed to your thrilling, ever-new lives in Old Blighty? Really boys – as Princess Diana might have told you, Indochina as world capital of landmines which often still leave the local populations rather like Mr. Foote, is anything but humdrum!

  2. margarita Says:

    ‘Was he the first to suggest the theatre it now occupies for its 12 week run? He believes he is.’

    It was always intended for The Haymarket and was designed for it.

  3. Glenmorranjie Says:

    Are you planning to catch “Xanadu” at the Southwark Playhouse – it’s very you!

  4. Bill Says:

    Admiring and devoted longtime readers of the Whingers are avid to know – repeatedly attending shows together again? Holidaying in Indochina together? Could it be that Andrew’s long, long sabbatical is finally over and all is now forgiven?

  5. Glen Morranjie Says:

    Saw the matinee on Wednesday 24 December. in a £15 dayseat. Not surprisingly a small audience so close to Xmas. Play and Simon R.B. were brilliant, lots of swearing and rude jokes, (which passed over the heads of some of the audience!) but very poignant in places. Very strongly recommended.

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