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Review – Elling at the Trafalgar Studios

Monday 9 July 2007

A play about an under-achieving duo. What could the Whingers possibly have in common with these characters?

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Star and their Websites 2

Monday 4 June 2007

Due to the phenomenal interest in the first Stars and their Websites, it’s back by popular demand.bigshewliza.jpg

The West End Whingers have been trawling the Internet purely for your edification:

Who’d have thought Liza Minnelli would have her own site? Well the Whingers would actually. Lots of merchandise in the Liza Store and “PLEASE know how much I love and appreciate YOU” (sic), especially if you keep spending. Read the rest of this entry »

Review – Kean starring Antony Sher, Apollo Theatre, London

Sunday 3 June 2007

Phil was having one of his Greta Garbo evenings. These involve hiding himself away in his flat in his biggest sunglasses and his most glamorous snood playing the role of recluse for an evening and refusing to answer the telephone.

Well, by “evening” one means an hour or so because no-one ever calls to try to coax him out from his shell and, sadly, without attention “Phil” as you understand the concept doesn’t actually exist. He only exists when reflected in the attention of others. Read the rest of this entry »