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Review – Well, Apollo Theatre

Wednesday 7 January 2009


With everyone in New Year mode, many thinking about their health and their body (not that anyone is thinking about Andrew’s body) it seemed appropriate that the Whingers’ first outing of 09 should be to Lisa Kron‘s play Well at the Apollo Theatre.

Well, actually Andrew had no idea why the Whingers went to see this. He had a vague recollection that they had concluded quite some time ago – possibly before it had even been written – that it was going to be awful* and that the Whingers were definitely going to give it a wider berth.

Their presence at the Apollo on Monday evening can only be put down to Phil’s determination to see “international screen icon” Sarah Miles on stage. Anyway… Read the rest of this entry »

Review – The Vortex, Apollo Theatre

Tuesday 8 April 2008

The Vortex posterIt isn’t just London Marathon runners that need to train if they are to avoid injury or death on the big day; the Whingers also need to work up their stamina in order to prepare for major feats of inhuman endurance.

With the rather alarming prospect of tonight’s four hours of Gone With The Wind – The Musical! hanging over their heads like a dead albatross, it seemed wise to warm up with a dry (not in every sense, obviously) run – something with a distressing number of intervals. Read the rest of this entry »

Review – Kean starring Antony Sher, Apollo Theatre, London

Sunday 3 June 2007

Phil was having one of his Greta Garbo evenings. These involve hiding himself away in his flat in his biggest sunglasses and his most glamorous snood playing the role of recluse for an evening and refusing to answer the telephone.

Well, by “evening” one means an hour or so because no-one ever calls to try to coax him out from his shell and, sadly, without attention “Phil” as you understand the concept doesn’t actually exist. He only exists when reflected in the attention of others. Read the rest of this entry »