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Review – Chita Rivera, Shaw Theatre, London

Sunday 10 February 2008

“Universally regarded as an American national treasure, Chita Rivera is Broadway’s most accomplished and versatile dancer/actress/singer,” begins the blurb on the Shaw Theatre‘s website which is an astonishing coincidence as this would be exactly the tone the Whingers would use in their own biographical notes. Read the rest of this entry »

Box Office Poison – Chita Rivera at the Shaw Theatre

Friday 19 October 2007

Chita Rivera is coming to town. Or is she? Who knows? She was supposed to be coming “for two weeks only” to the Wyndham’s Theatre in September but never turned up. Anyway, this isn’t about Chita and her unreliability.

Despite that previous debacle, Phil decided to purchase 10 tickets (the Whingers like to have five seats each so they have somewhere to put our coats, picnic baskets, wine cooler, typewriters, in trays etc) to see the no-show diva at the Shaw Theatre where she claims she will – allegedly – be appearing for three nights in February 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

The mystery of the missing Chita

Tuesday 14 August 2007

Our regular reader will know that the West End Whingers are very interested in real (i.e. nearly dead) stars of stage and screen and will go a very long way indeed to see one in the flesh before it croaks.

In recent years they have managed to tick some quite impressive people off what is an alarmingly diminishing list without going too out of their way – Elaine Stritch in her one-woman show at the Old Vic, of course, Eartha Kitt (rather incongruously at the Shaw Theatre) and – somewhat bizarrely – Celeste Holm warbling the words she could remember, bless her, at the Pizza Express at Hyde Park Corner.

So the news that Broadway legend Chita Rivera was coming to the west end in a one-woman (presumably plus pianist and perhaps dancers) show caused a flurry of excitement in the Whingers’ respective households. The woman is in her eighth decade for heavens’ sake. Read the rest of this entry »

Star and their Websites 2

Monday 4 June 2007

Due to the phenomenal interest in the first Stars and their Websites, it’s back by popular demand.bigshewliza.jpg

The West End Whingers have been trawling the Internet purely for your edification:

Who’d have thought Liza Minnelli would have her own site? Well the Whingers would actually. Lots of merchandise in the Liza Store and “PLEASE know how much I love and appreciate YOU” (sic), especially if you keep spending. Read the rest of this entry »