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Review – Dick Whittington and his cat, Hackney Empire

Sunday 23 December 2007

Like everything Christmas-related, it’s easy to overdo panto; one more spoonful of sprouts, the second bowl of trifle; the 87th coloured tinsel on the Christmas Tree. Dick Whittington at the Hackney Empire was the Whingers’ third panto and to be honest, they were getting a bit over-tired and fractious.

Worse still, Phil had come down with an extreme case of man flu and only dragged himself down to the Hackney Empire because he was the one who had the tickets. Read the rest of this entry »

Review – Into the Woods, Royal Opera House Linbury Studio

Sunday 1 July 2007


It’s been quite a week for the Whingers.

No sooner was Phil back from a four day Tuscan jolly than Andrew went off on one (so no change there then). Andrew is deeply jealous that Phil found himself sharing an eight hour delay with a delightfully animated Sinead (Mrs Jeremy Irons and former girlfriend of George Best) Cusack – but that story is as long as the delay. Let’s just say: straw hat, queuing together at the information desk and shared mints. Ms Cusak surprised Phil by turning right as she boarded the plane, Phil of course (in a triumph of optimism over experience) turned left and had it not been for a locked cockpit would have found himself on the captain’s lap. Read the rest of this entry »