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Review – No Man’s Land by Pinter, Duke of York’s Theatre

Wednesday 8 October 2008

Act 1: An October Night. A rather grand living room in Kentish Town or possibly in Vauxhall.

Two quite old men meet for the first time. Or have they already met? Or do they in fact meet at all?

SCHOONER is standing (albeit somewhat unsteadily).

THIRST sits staring into space enigmatically. The lights come up. There is a long silence.

Then another, longer one.

[At this performance the parts of SCHOONER and THIRST are played by Andrew and Phil respectively]

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Review – In Celebration with Orlando Bloom

Wednesday 11 July 2007

By ‘eck, what tut Whingers will pay for a night out at tut theatre.

£40 each in this case. Do they think money grows on trees or summat?

It were pride what did for ’em and them getting above them’s station, that’s what.

With two crackin’ shows – Elling and Saint Joan – under their belts (that’s as in “ah’ll take mah belt t’thee so help me ah will”) the Whingers were aiming for a ‘at-trick with David Storey‘s In Celebration at the Duke of York’s Theatre.

Now, don’t take us wrong. We like northern people. They dine with us (or come in the evening at any rate) but really quite a lot of water has flowed under Hebden Bridge since Storey penned this in 1969. And all of it seems to have passed directrix Anna Mackmin by. And ‘err a Yorkshire lass, too. Read the rest of this entry »