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Review – Zorro the Musical, Garrick Theatre

Friday 8 August 2008

Gasp! The mark of the Whingers!

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Zero Stars alert – Peter Pan El Musical

Wednesday 2 April 2008

Many thanks to “Arthur” for alerting us to a new inductee into the Zero Stars Hall of Fame.

No surprises for guessing either the show or the reviewer:

An awfully big misadventure, this Spanish mauling of JM Barrie’s masterpiece flies into the Garrick and crash-lands belly up. There are no survivors. Such is the mind-boggling awfulness of this family show, performed in Spanish with inept English surtitles, that you wish the Lost Boys had not shot at Wendy but taken aim at this great white elephant and finished it off instead. My youngest daughter – a stoic survivor of such theatrical catastrophes as Fireman Sam Live on Stage and The Man in the Iron Mask – refused point blank to return with me after the interval.

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Incidentally, we had been tipped off about the awfulness of Peter Pan El Musical by several people, professional critics among them, who have entreated us to go witness this theatrical disaster.

For the record we would just like to point out that the Whingers are not theatrical ambulance chasers. Oh, OK, we are. But we do not actively seek to spend our precious (Phil certainly can’t have many left) evenings watching bad theatre . Although admittedly writing about them is certainly much more enjoyable.

Review – Absurd Person Singular, Garrick Theatre

Thursday 6 December 2007

As previously mentioned, the Whingers hate Christmas.

For them it means the hassle and misery of popping down to Asda to purchase their respective cut price meals-for-one for the great day (to be consumed in their respective homes with only a sweet sherry for company) while happy, rosy cheeked families skip down the aisles. A depressing reminder of the Whingers’ very sad lives.

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