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Review – Holding Fire at The Globe

Monday 3 September 2007

Holding Fire trousers

What is The Globe Theatre for? It’s a strange idea. Yes, it was in sooth an ambitious and fascinating project and gives a good (if sanitised, which appeals to Phil of course) idea of what the building and the staging might have been like in Shakespeare’s day apart from the flight path overhead. But, really, what’s it for? Or what is it good for (air conditioning aside)? And who is it for?

The easiest question is the last. It’s principally for tourists. American tourists principally, one imagines. And, of course, anyone remotely interested in theatre history should visit it once to see what it’s like.

Andrew discovered this rule by going twice. Read the rest of this entry »

It is – are you?

Monday 6 August 2007

Independent 6th Aug coverThe Independent newspaper has been conducting a vibrant campaign to shame retailers into eliminating unwanted, unnecessary and environmentally wasteful packaging applied to everything from parsley to vitamin pills.

It is also very fond of giving away unwanted, unnecessary and environmentally wasteful posters and booklets on everything from birds to bridge playing that nobody reads.

This week, it seems to have plumped for a Shakespearean theme in conjunction with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Read the rest of this entry »