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Review – Annie Get Your Gun, Union Theatre, London

Saturday 2 February 2008

Please During The Show. DO NOT FLUSHPhil didn’t make it to this one. He has issues. He insists that there is no sun in the morning (in Kentish Town, in February), that you can get a man with a gun and that there are plenty of businesses like show business. There’s no talking to him when he’s in one of these moods.

Plus Andrew knows the toilet situation at the Union Theatre and Snack Bar where a Dyson Airblade will never be anything more than a pipedream. And now that most days are Howard Hughes days for Phil, it was all destined to end in tears if not a complete breakdown.

And this is how Andrew came to drag the much lower maintenance Mark 1 and Oliver along to the Union Theatre and Snack Bar to see Annie Get Your Gun last night. Read the rest of this entry »