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Review – Gaslight, Old Vic, London

Wednesday 13 June 2007

WEW by GaslightAh, gaslight. Andrew spends many a happy hour meticulously petit pointing his Capri pants by gaslight.

This is not the gaslight of the Victorian age although he remembers that clearly (indeed more clearly than he remembers things that happened yesterday). No, being the environmentally-aware global citizen that he is, it’s a light generated by harnessing the copious amounts of hot air and methane he produces.

Understandable then that he was particularly drawn to see Peter Gill‘s production of that hoary old classic Gaslight at the Old Vic.

That and the fact that both Whingers fondly remember the wonderful film version which featured Ingrid Bergman, Dame May Whitty and Angela Lansbury so they were rather looking forward to it. Big mistake. Read the rest of this entry »