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Review – The Glass Menagerie, Cambridge. That’s right – Cambridge!

Saturday 15 March 2008

Andrew went on a very daring adventure way beyond Zone 2 last night with Helen Smith. Phil, of course, didn’t.

The voyage was in honour of the Cambridge (that’s as in Cambridgeshire, not Circus) directorial début of the appallingly young Josh Seymour aka Teenage Theatrics.

Josh, who once came on a West End Whingers outing, is up (it’s called “going up”) at Cambridge and has wasted little time in getting his feet under the theatrical table, so to speak. Read the rest of this entry »

Panto time and a new panto villain

Saturday 24 November 2007

Christmas is undoubtedly the happiest time of the year for the West End Whingers. Phil gets his Winter Fuel Allowance which Andrew suspects goes mostly on gin down at Aldi.

Andrew, meanwhile, gets to spend many gleeful hours looking out for who’s appearing in what in pantoland. Read the rest of this entry »

An exclusive interview with this year’s hottest new star

Saturday 28 July 2007

The theatre world has been a-buzz for weeks. Last Sunday saw the season’s most eagerly anticipated theatrical debut.

Andrew had been drafted in by another Andrew (No relation. He of The Arcades Project) to take part in a site-specific promenade performance kind of thing set in Shoreham, Kent as part of the MA he is doing at The RADA and King’s.

Phil (still a bit miffed by not being invited to participate) managed to catch up with Andrew the next day as he reclined on his chaise longue with a box of chocolates on his lap and surrounded by vases of flowers (which cost him a fortune) for an exclusive interview: Read the rest of this entry »


Saturday 9 June 2007

Regular readers of the West End Whingers will know that they rarely stray from their eponymous beat, being strictly Zone 1 Oystercard holders.

So the idea of travelling all the way to Edinburgh (which is apparently in Scotland) to sit through yet more theatre is quite unthinkable. But this year could be different. Read the rest of this entry »


Thursday 17 May 2007

When it comes to the achievements of our nearest and dearest, the West End Whingers are pretty much on the same wavelength of Gore Vidal who famously said: ‘Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies’. Read the rest of this entry »

Briony in panto!

Tuesday 14 November 2006

Hoorah! West End Whingers are thrilled to discover that the true star of How do you Solve a Problem like Maria? – Briony Price – has broken into showbusiness… Read the rest of this entry »

Springtime for Peter Kay

Monday 13 November 2006

kay6.jpg WEW are very excited that the Manchester production of one of their favourite shows The Producers is to star Peter Kay as the flamboyant Roger DeBris.

Obviously it’s the part everyone wants to play as David Hasselhoff will be donning heels in the same role in Las Vegas. Hasselhoff starts in January, Kay’s will begin February.
Manchester or Vegas? It’s a tough one for WEW.

Garlic bread anyone?