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Review – Vernon God Little, Young Vic, London

Wednesday 2 May 2007

Vernon God Little WEW masksAndrew claims to have read the book and to have enjoyed it, although when pressed for details seemed to remember precious little about it. Phil would have read it too if he could read properly – running his finger along the title without the benefit of his reading lorgnettes, he thought he was seeing a play about Rod Liddle, the former Radio 4 Today programme editor .

Given the curse on this production, Liddle might have made a happier source of material for the Young Vic.

Based on DBC Pierre‘s Booker Prize winning novel, Vernon God Little is set amid the aftermath of a high school massacre which – as previously reported by the Whingers – has bestowed some unwelcome topicality on the production and one or two marketing headaches.

By the end of the very long evening Phil also had one of his heads coming on. Read the rest of this entry »