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Review – Walking on Water, White Bear

Saturday 19 January 2008

What someone ought to do is to write a play which is set in a really naff pub – one with multiple television screens showing Manchester City playing West Ham, Phil Collins videos and miscellaneous TV programmes (all at the same time).  One where a request for a glass of red wine is met with a raised eyebrow and delivered in the form of a screwtop bottle of the kind embraced by in-flight caterers.

It would feature clichéd pub characters straight out of Central Casting – the garrulous, drunken-yet-harmless Irishman who is a friend to everyone, a couple of local salesmen getting rowdier by the minute in their cheap suits, the over-done blousy matron perched atop her bar stool. Read the rest of this entry »

Review – The Final Shot, Theatre 503

Tuesday 23 October 2007

The West End Whingers are so proud of all their fledgeling playwrights – Ben Yeoh, Fin Kennedy and Stephen Sharkey in particular have had impressive successes over the last six months.

Why? Well, we’re far too modest to suggest that they have benefited from being taken under the nurturing wings (well, Phil has flabby upper arms which you could call wings) of the Whingers and “brought on” at the now legendary (in our own heads anyway) West End Whingers’ party. Read the rest of this entry »