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Review – The Hothouse, National Theatre

Wednesday 18 July 2007

The Whingers have developed a wizzo new approach to theatre-going experience which can halve the misery, save you money and has the bonus of freeing up additional wine time.

Why boffins haven’t come up with it before is a mystery.

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Coming soon – Orlando Bloom

Thursday 14 June 2007

galloag827804fh9-1.jpgAndrew got terribly excited when he found out there would be a revival of David Storey’s play In Celebration. As a Storey virgin he felt it was time he dipped his toe into fresh waters. Storey’s plays are described as having “long descriptive passages detailing many items that appear at least superficially to play no role in furthering the plot”. Andrew claimed he was completely sold on the idea and dispatched Phil to the Duke of York’s Theatre to book before the stampede.

Of course Phil didn’t fall for Andrew’s enthusiasm for a minute. Could Andrew have been seduced by the West End debut of Hollywood heart-throb Orlando Bloom? Despite Andrew’s protestations Phil remained deeply suspicious. Read the rest of this entry »