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Review – The Sea by Edward Bond, Theatre Royal Haymarket

Tuesday 29 January 2008

When an underground theatre group put on a performance of Edward Bond’s Eleven Vests in a suburb of Minsk last year, they were raided within minutes by the Belarus “Omon” police special force (motto: “We know no mercy and do not ask for any” – remind you of anyone?), arrested and hauled away, The Guardian reported.

Yes they dislike Theatre that much in Belarus, so much so that Phil is thinking of relocating there on the condition that the wine is vaugely drinkable. And if it isn’t he’ll switch to vodka.

Few productions opening this year have excited the Whingers’ jaded pallets but one had whetted Phil’s appetite as he recalled enjoying seeing Dame Judi in it a few years back at the National. Substitute another Grande Dame Eileen Atkins and it would be a sure-fire winner. Surely. Read the rest of this entry »