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Review – The Female of the Species

Tuesday 15 July 2008

At the end of last week’s cliffhanger episode our heroes zeros had vowed never – but never – to go to the theatre ever again until they could once again wave at a Dame of the British Empire through a proscenium arch in a crumbling West End theatre… Read the rest of this entry »

Review – Swimming with Sharks with Christian Slater, Vaudeville Theatre

Friday 9 November 2007

It’s unusual for the Whingers to be asked to anything these days. Andrew never got invited to anything anyway but persists in inviting all his Facebook “friends” to any feast that moves in in a deluded hope they will reciprocate.

So when an invitation came for the Whingers to go and review Swimming with Sharks Andrew found there was no diary to be cleared as he already had more windows than The Gherkin. Read the rest of this entry »