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Review – The Making Of Moo, Orange Tree Theatre

Wednesday 25 November 2009

With the Whingers’ stars so clearly in the ascendant (whatever that means) it seems only natural that the next development in their tale should be the formation of a West End Whingers religion complete with tax-free status and wine (although neither Whinger can get very excited about wafers, to be honest).

So it was that Andrew was packed off to the Orange Tree Theatre on Monday to see the satire on organised religion The Making Of Moo and take careful notes on how to go about building a new religion from scratch.

Why alone? Well, one has to admire the Orange Tree’s courage in admitting that it is “London’s only permanent theatre in the round” but there’s no way they are going to get Phil through their doors with that kind of honesty. Or perhaps it’s deliberate. Who knows? In the event it all turned out for the best as it transpires that the Orange Tree doesn’t permit drinks to be taken into the auditorium and the air would have turned quite blue had Phil been in attendance. Read the rest of this entry »