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In which Andrew blames himself and Phil tests the patience of the Ambassadors Theatre Group

Wednesday 21 January 2009

complicit-ticketWhat a shambles. What a complete and utter shambles. And how entertaining.

Hang on – are you having a sense of déjà vu? Didn’t the Whingers open with that same line when they tripped off to The Tricycle Theatre only last month? And what a delightful brouhaha that triggered.

But by comparison with recent sagas, The Tricycle is beginning to look as organised as a Cage Aux Folles’ wardrobe mistress.

Yes, the run-up to seeing Complicit at the Old Vic There was more drama than they could possibly ever hope to see on the stage.

Indeed, it was possibly even more dramatic than the occasion when Andrew lost his purse shortly before  The Walworth Farce.

Farce it proved to be. Read the rest of this entry »