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Review – Both Sides Now: Sian Phillips in cabaret, Pizza On The Park

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Sian Phillips

“Is she that weather girl?” If the Whingers had a pound for every time they have been asked that over the last few weeks the would have three pounds by now.

Perhaps that weather girl might have warned them not to be so foolish as to book a late May matinee of anything.

But there was no weather girl to advise them and so it was that on the hottest Sunday afternoon of the year the Whingers found themselves in the sweltering, subterranean Pizza On The Park. Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Two Birds And A Bloke, Pizza On The Park

Thursday 14 May 2009

two birds and a bloke

The  Whingers are rarely offered owt fer nowt. But when it happens they are scrupulous about declaring their freebies.

Mind you, They have never had the luxury of having their swimming pools or moats freshened for nothing. Nor have they ever claimed for their ratcatchers or helipads. They guarantee that all maintenance of their drawbridges has come directly from their own pockets. They can’t even recall ever having owned (let alone sat on) a glittery loo seat although they may have occupied the occasional pouffe. But they would definitely sit in the stalls and chomp through their Maltesers at the taxpayers expense – given half a chance.

And we’re told we produce enough manure as it is without needing more of it for free.

So anyway it was a rare treat when the surely misguided people behind Jeff Harnar’s American Songbook in London invited the Whingers to see Two Birds And A Bloke at Pizza on the Park for free, gratis, like critics. Mind you, we paid for our own pizza and wine so we might as well have paid top whack for Priscilla.

Our dreams of “special guest” status were quickly punctured when we found ourselves placed at a table at the back. Andrew did some half-hearted moaning about not being able to see very well but it turned out to be this table or one behind a big plant. It turned out to be something of a blessing. Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Liliane Montevecchi, Pizza on the Park

Monday 16 March 2009

liliane-montevecchiAt the age of 76 former ballerina Liliane Montevecchi can still lift one foot in the air and rest it on a grand piano. That’s class for you.

At a slightly younger age Phil can still jack one foot up into the air and rest it on an upright piano. That’s Titanium hips for you.

Andrew can do neither of these feats.

Still, never mind. It’s not a competition, as Andrew hissed to Phil while foiling his attempt to demonstrate last night at Pizza on the Park where Miss Liliane Montevecchi is putting her foot on the piano eight times a week . Read the rest of this entry »