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Review – Dimetos, Donmar Warehouse

Tuesday 24 March 2009


So it’s 7pm on Monday evening and the Whingers are sitting in their customary pre-Donmar watering hole for some Dutch courage (well,  technically it was South African in honour of Athol Fugard).

Andrew was reading an excerpt from a piece he had spotted in that day’s Times – an interview with the actor Mister Jonathan Pryce whom they were about to see in Dimetos (pronounced DimmerToss, it turns out).

He was reading it aloud to Phil who had forgotten his reading glasses.

Pryce was sent the script by the Donmar […] and thought the writing extraordinary but the play baffling.  Friends who read it agreed that it was well written but had no idea what it was about. But then came a meeting with [director Douglas] Hodge, who communicated his passion for the play: ‘I decided to do it because I wanted to understand it fully myself – and I’m finding it the most difficult thing I’ve done in years.’*

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