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Review – The Table, Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Friday 26 August 2011

Ha! Well, with mime under out belts, there was  no stopping us branching out further into formerly cold-shouldered forms of entertainment.

Next up: puppets.

But in a low risk way. For Blind Summit Theatre’s The Table  has been almost universally feted with four and five stars from all over the shop.

If only we had read the flyer instead of just counting the stars:

The loosely connected triptych that makes up The Table was inspired by the writing of Samuel Beckett, the style of Yves Klein and ideas of Sartre. This may or may not be apparent.

Despite the throwaway tongue-in-cheekiness of that last sentence this was just not going to be our cup of tea.

The first part is a  three-man Japanese bunraku-style puppet on a table. It’s very clever. The second part is some disembodied heads in picture frames which made Phil very nostalgic for The Black Light Theatre of Prague. Very clever. The third part is a crime story told through drawings on hundreds of pieces of A4 paper. It’s all very clever.

Full marks for cleverness.

Any references to Klein, Sartre and Beckett went over our bodied heads.

But we’re awarding points for engagement. Perhaps we were too far back. Perhaps it was too late.  Perhaps we just don’t like puppets.

Like we thought we didn’t.