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Review – Holding the Man, Trafalgar Studios

Friday 7 May 2010

Apparently the quality of  the West End Whingers has declined since we began too eagerly to play the freebies game and have become digested by the machinery.

Well, not to worry, we’re giving up reviewing anyway and going into producing instead. Mind you, it’s not all plain sailing. Andrew’s plans for an all-singing, all-dancing, all-acting multimedia production of Farepak about the UK’s biggest ever corporate collapse of a Christmas club have been shelved following the disappointing early-closure of Enron on Broadway.

So in the meantime it’s back to reviewing. Or procrastinating about reviewing. We’ve been sitting on this since its Tuesday opening which the machinery invited us to attend. The machinery didn’t invite us to the post-show party but we went anyway.

And we still didn’t care too much for the play. Read the rest of this entry »