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Review – Cool Hand Luke, Aldwych Theatre

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Hopefully you will never hear the Whingers addressing anyone as “dude”. And if you attempt to proffer either of us a “high five” expect a glacial stare in return. Watch the hands go deep into the pockets.

And unlike the youth of today (or was it yesterday?) we are sparing with the use of the word “cool” despite its new lease of life on Doctor Who, choosing to reserve its use for comments about the weather. You have our permission to put us up against the wall and shoot us should we ever use it as an affirmative.

“Cool” is that rare theatre auditorium that doesn’t resemble a sauna, Andrew’s reaction to the oeuvre of Mr Pinter, or just a cup of tea left unattended beside the Russell Hobbs.

So it was some surprise to us that in the programme for Emma Reeves‘ stage adaptation of ex-con Donn Pearce‘s novel Cool Hand Luke the QI-ish “Cool Hand Luke Facts” reveal that 1825 was the year that ‘cool’ was first used to mean ‘calmly audacious’. The Whingers, particularly Phil, will of course still see this as recent linguistic contagion. Read the rest of this entry »