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Review – Love the Sinner, National Theatre

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Won’t someone please think of the squirrels!

Some fairly heteroclite things have happened to the Whingers in the last month. But perhaps finding ourselves still seated in the National Theatre‘s Cottesloe auditorium for the curtain call topped the lot. And yes, before you ask, there was an interval.

Had Sir Nicholas Hytner done a Gordon Brown and executed a Downing Street style lock in? Had the Coin Street volcano blown causing them to extend their stay. Were they actually stranded again?

Or were they actually enjoying Drew Pautz‘s new play Love the Sinner?

Well, yes and no. But the no’s probably have it. Read the rest of this entry »

Review – Mrs Affleck, National Theatre

Tuesday 27 January 2009

“I was wondering today,” said Andrew as the Whingers sat disconsolately at one of the two draughty tables which sit forlornly outside the soulless entrance to the Cottesloe foyer, “why we go to the theatre.”

A pause. Another sip of wine. Another pause.

“Simon Shepherd was on Loose Women today,” replied Phil brightly.

Andrew mused on the idea that theatre could serve the function of a mirror or perhaps a prism through which one might see aspects of one’s own life afresh.

For example, had Phil and he – like Mr and Mrs Affleck – inadvertently created a crippled child in the form of the so-called “West End Whingers”; a child for which neither much cares, much less loves and for whose death each sub-consciously wishes. But that child that is nonetheless theirs; it demands to be fed; it determines the pattern of their lives; it confronts them daily with guilt at their own revulsion with themselves.

The Cottesloe knell rang, calling the Whingers back to Act 2.

“Do you think that’s how it is?” asked Andrew.

“Apparently Lorna Luft has replaced Stefanie Powers in Pack of Lies,” said Phil, excitedly.

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