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Review – Debbie Reynolds: Alive and Fabulous, Apollo Theatre

Monday 3 May 2010

Yes Debbie Reynolds. That Debbie Reynolds! Star of the best movie musical ever made, mother of Princess Leia (“That makes me a queen, too”) and the scene-stealing Grace’s mother in Will & Grace.

It would be easy to crack a few gags based on the title of her “concert” Debbie Reynolds: Alive and Fabulous at the Apollo Theatre but we are too late. There is no chance of making lame jokes about the fact that the 78 year old Singing in the Rain star is still alive as Ms Reynolds is way ahead of us. She constantly refers to it, even checking her own pulse at one point.

So definitely alive then. The big question is of course, is she fabulous and if so just how much? Read the rest of this entry »