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Review – Accomplice, Menier Chocolate Factory on the hoof

Monday 13 September 2010

As the Menier’s website explains: “Sending its audience on a trek through the South Bank of London, participants are sent on a mission, aided by clues and mysterious cast members strewn throughout various locations such as street corners, pubs, out of the way shops, and iconic locations. Audiences traverse the city streets in small groups, piecing together clues of a meticulously crafted plot.”

As the programme (which you are handed at the end) says: “If you liked our show and went to spread the word, there’s nothing better you can do than post on Facebook, Twitter etc. Just keep our secrets secret!”

So we will say nothing.

Except that it very happily involves alcohol, a Dame of the British Empire, tap dancing and a proscenium arch. Read the rest of this entry »